Do I Need a Grill Cover?

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A grill is a world-renowned tool to cook the meat we have stored away for the barbeque season. However, there are complications that happen when a grill isn’t protected and properly cared for. So what can we do to keep our grills from getting dirty or damaged?

Your grill needs a cover in order to protect it from dirt, plant debris, and water damage. Without a good grill cover, these things will get on and inside of the grill. Keeping it protected will prevent these things from causing damage as well as ensuring that it is safe and easy to use.

For those still wondering if a grill cover will really make that much of a difference, it is important to know answers to questions such as: how does the grill cover keep things from getting in? Why would I need to protect my grill from water damage?

Protection From Mother Nature

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If you plan on leaving your grill outside near a woodland area, then you should be aware of what the surrounding nature will bring. Tree sap, dirt, leaves, birds, and other small animals all have a reputation for getting into uncovered and unprotected smokers and grills. Left unattended, there’s a good chance they could cause lasting damage, or at very least give you a massive mess to clean up next time you try and pull your barbeque out.

Tree sap for example, is difficult to get off of anything that it touches, especially as it solidifies itself over the object that it has glued itself too. In reality, it becomes more of a nuisance than a damaging issue. No one wants to spend an hour scraping off tree sap just to use their outdoor grill.

It is common for a bird, or other small animal, to nest nest inside an unprotected grill. Birds will get into any space they can to lay their nests. Not only is this unsanitary, but nests will make the animals hard to get rid of, and an unwanted tenant inside your grill can cause damage if it lives there for too long.

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Weather Conditions And Damages

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Weather is a common concern with any outdoor tool or accessory, and your grill is no exception. Rain can cause water damage to your outdoor grill, and over time, rust can cause long-term damage.

Rain isn’t the only type of weather that can cause damage. A humid or foggy day could attack your grill with just as much water damage as a rain storm would. Strong winds can sweep up dirt and debris that could scratch up your grill as well. In fact, most weather conditions can harm your outdoor grill over time if it doesn’t have a cover.

If not waterproof, the cover that you put over you grill should be water resistant at the very least. Each grill cover is designed to protect your grill from the elements, as well as the debris that comes from mother nature.

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The Difference Between A Grill Cover And A Lid

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Most grills nowadays come with a lid that keeps most of the debris and damage from getting inside of it. However, the grill lid does not protect your grill from rusting. Nor does it prevent animals from being able to find a way inside of your grill if you do not have a good grill cover for protection.

A grill cover effectively covers every part of your grill with a plastic or water resistant cloth cover. You can leave your grill out in harsh weather with this kind of protection. Not even snow or heavy wind storms will be able to cause damage when these covers are in place.

You won’t be able to keep everything out all the time. However, if you remember to be consistent in placing your grill cover back on after each use, then your grill will last a lot longer. The damage to your grill will be the absolute minimum and you won’t have to concern yourself with animals sneaking their way in all the time.

Warning: Some animals may still find their way in if the cover is not big enough. Small animals such as squirrels could sneak their way in from the whole in the bottom of the grill cover.

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Is Choosing A Grill Cover Worth The Cost?

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A grill cover will extend the life of your grill. Without the protection that the cover will provide, the natural damages cannot be prevented. So what exactly can the grill cover keep out?

  • Weather conditions – Grill covers are designed to keep out the damage of any light storm. They keep the rain, humidity, and other kicked-up debris from contact with the metal of the grill.
  • Animals – Grill covers can keep the birds and squirrels out of the inside of your grill. Birds will lay nests, which will make it difficult to get rid of them. With a thick wall of cloth covering the entrance to your grill, they won’t be able to sneak their way in.
  • Forest debris – Whether it’s dirt kicked up by the wind, or sap falling from the trees, you could find your grill in poor condition without a grill cover to keep it safe from getting gritty.
  • Chemicals, fertilizers, and other substances: Most people don’t realize that the chemicals and fertilizers that you use to garden and kill off your weeds will cause damage to your grill in the process. The chemicals could get in your grill, which would make grilling dangerous.

Overall, a grill cover is more than worth the cost. Without a good grill cover, you could end up spending more on fixing your grill once the damage has already been done.

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